Sakman Chamorro

Mario Borja and the Sakman Team were selected to represent Guam as Diaspora Delegates for FestPac 2016. The crew told the Sakman story to Chamorros living on the Mariana Islands.

As a gift to Chamorro people living in The Marianas, the Sakman is harbored in the ocean waters of the Marianas, Saipan at 500 Sails.

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Sakman in the Mariana Islands

A Celebration of Culture (2/29/2016 - The Guam Daily Post)

Sakman Chamorro put to sea to mark Matson anniversary (Jasmine Stole, 2/26/16, The Guam Daily Post)


Biba Sakman (The Guam Daily Post)

Sakman at 2014 Chamorro Cultural Festival